2022 “A New Year of Opportunities”

Welcome to 2022. A new year full of opportunities to be seized, adventures and journeys to be taken together. Our purpose is to advance the kingdom of Christ. Our church family just completed a great year working together as a team to accomplish much for the kingdom’s sake. We are praying and working towards new goals for this year. As Christ followers we should be setting goals for our personal growth and development. Our end goal is maturing spiritually while helping others on their spiritual journey to Christ.

Our Challenge

In a recent message I stated, “Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.” This is why we set personal, professional, financial, relational and spiritual goals. We see an area that needs improving, strengthened, in our lives and so we develop a plan, we have a vision. Then we develop a strategy to see it ultimately fulfilled. Having a plan, having a vision doesn’t necessarily guarantee success in reaching our goals. However, without a plan or vision, developing a strategy, we don’t have a chance of reaching those goals. The best way to predict our/your future is to create it ourselves individually or corporately through a big vision.

I truly believe God has called us as faith followers to be a big vision people. Jesus put it this way in John 4:35 “…Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” People the world over, in our local communities, families, places where we work, are all on a spiritual journey. But is it a spiritual journey that leads to God the Father through his son Jesus, or to another destination? As followers of Christ here at GRPBC, we have the opportunity to be visionaries. We can choose to see people around us as Jesus sees them. We should invest our lives in theirs so prayerfully they choose to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

Are you are a Christ follower living in our area and looking to get plugged into a church? Are you seeking a church where you can in time use your gifts and talents? Wanting to help us reach our local community and world with the claims of Christ? If so, we invite you to explore this website. Consider visiting our church, meeting our people and let’s have some deeper conversations on this topic. If you aren’t a Christ follower but you are interested in exploring the claims of Christ for your life we can help you here as well. You will make the choice to follow Christ or not but we want to help you on your journey. Come join us on our journey, your journey here at Gulf Ridge Park Baptist Church.