Spring – A Season For New Habits

One of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs 8:17 where in this verse God speaking through the writings of King Solomon says, “I love those who seek me, and those who seek me find me.” Many of us who have made it through another cold winter look forward to spring time, minus the pollen and allergies. For many of us spring marks a fresh start from the winter doldrums to a time when love is in the air, flowers are in bloom, bees are buzzing, the grass is greening, the trees are budding, and birds are singing. Hope springs eternal it is said. For those of us who are Christ followers, our present and eternal hope is in Christ Jesus. For those who aren’t believers, followers of Jesus Christ, then this verse in Proverbs is an important one for you to consider. God is saying if you are really serious about finding out if I exist, and that I am interested in having a personal relationship with you; if you will put the time in to search for me you will find me. This spring season would be a great time for you to begin this journey towards God.

It is exciting to know that the God of the universe wants to have a personal relationship with us. However, he leaves it up to us to look for and find him as well as coming to believe in him. Through his Son Jesus Christ we can have a personal, intimate, relationship with God the Father leading to an abundant life here on earth and a future life in heaven with him for all eternity.

As a native Floridian, I love spring here in middle Florida for the cooler evenings, the lower humidity, the nice breezes, even more so because I know the heat and humidity of Florida summers are just around the corner. Yes spring is a wonder season of the year for many of us and for varied reasons.

On a spiritual spring note here, if you haven’t been in the habit of seeking after God what a great time of the year to begin your quest. If you are a believer but haven’t got into a routine yet, or have fallen out of the routine of spending time alone with God daily in his word and in prayer; having a quiet time, then what better time of the year to begin to reconnect with him. For many of us it may mean making a deliberate effort to set aside some time in our daily routine to silence our phones, gasp, pause the computer, turn off the music and have that quite time where God can speak to our hearts so that we can truly hear from him.

Spring ahead in your daily time alone with God and you will be the better for it. Spring can truly be a wonderful time of the year when we add God to the start of our day. He is waiting on you to begin the journey anew with him or for some of you for the very first time. We are here to help you in this season of your life discover the claims of Christ for yourself.