Welcome to Gulf Ridge Park Baptist Church

Hello, I’m LaMar Herndon, and here is my heart as pastor of our Gulf Ridge Park Baptist Church. We are a friendly church all about creating a “come as you are” church where you can safely explore the claims of Christ upon your life. Churches like people aren’t perfect. If you are looking for perfection in these realms we are not the church for you. As a Christ-follower and as a pastor I am not perfect, as I am just a sinner saved by the undeserving love of God. Our emphasis is not on the outer man or woman but on the inside so wear what you are comfortable in from shorts and flip flops to business casual to suits if that is your comfort zone. Our God looks on the inside of a person and that is what we are choosing to focus on here at GRPBC.

At Gulf Ridge Park Baptist Church we put the emphasis on authentic Bible teaching for real-life application and we are all about building relationships within and without the church walls. We are more focused on being the church than doing church. We are presently small numerically but with a heart to grow numerically, spiritually, and ministerially as we reach out into our community with the claims of Christ. Already we are experiencing growth in many areas within our church so it is an exciting time to check us out.

If our church sounds like a safe place for you to explore the claims of Jesus Christ upon your life and explore the Bible then come and get to know us and check us out. We don’t guarantee to have all the answers to your problems but we know Jesus does and so we will attempt to provide you answers to your questions and be honest if we don’t know them. Please know we will search out all possible answers to your concerns. We will not insult your intelligence with pat “Christian” answers but provide you with the best-researched answers we can possibly provide you with so you can make an informed decision on the topic of interest to you.

We would love to get to know you and find out how we might be of service to you, your family, and your friends. Come, join us, and see if this might be the church where you continue your spiritual journey with like-minded people of various ages, educational, professional and vocational backgrounds.