Falling Ahead

Here in Florida, during the fall season, we are not so fortunate as to enjoy this type of fall scenery as we do not have the necessary temperatures and seasons along with the species of trees to allow for these brilliant leaf colors. In this picture, a car on the road is heading someplace known only to the driver. So let me ask you this question. Is the road you are on in the game of life taking you to where you really want to end up in life? You know, your final destination.You may very well say, like the person(s) in this car, that you are totally immersed in enjoying the scenery along the way, and you will arrive exactly where you are headed in a timely manner.

But just as this road in the picture above has curves and you can’t see too far down the road, so does the road of life. The road of life is often tricky, full of curves and potholes and the unexpected that can cause us to miss the beautiful scenery along the way to concentrate on just navigating the difficult journey we have encountered. But there is one who sees and knows your journey and what lies ahead of you and wants you to make it safely to his eternal home. His name is Jesus, and we would like to introduce you to Him and share with you some things about our Jesus for your consideration. Please feel free to contact us on this website; we will be honored to get back to you. What a beautiful time in life to fall in love with Jesus, who loved you so much that He gave His life for you on Calvary that you might have eternal life and spend forever with Him in heaven.